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My Favorite singer's Biography

* What’s your full name?
Your full name is Franco de Vita

* Where and when the were born?
Bron, 23 of januari of 1954 in Caracas, Venezuela

* What do the?
The is singer

* What are your achievements? (Abilities and talents)
their ability and talent is to sing and to compose songs


Venezuelan singer and songwriter was born in Caracas and later moved to Italy where he lived for ten years. returned to South America, he decided to study music after finishing high school. Corpus was the name of his first band followed by Icaro, releasing an album in 1983. A year later, Franco De Vita decided to become a soloist debuting with a self-titled record which achieved gold and platinum status. Fantasía came out in 1986 with a hit called "Aqui Estas Otra Vez" climbing on the most important charts all over Latin America, that same year his song "Solo Importas Tú" was included on the soundtrack of La Dama de Rosa, a popular soap opera. The artist recorded along with Frankie Vali soon after, resulting with a song called "Sólo Palabras." In 1988 Al Norte del Sur came with a new hit called "Louis." Franco De Vita's songwriting skills allowed him to work with well-known Latin artists. In 1999 De Vita composed "Vuelve"

In 1982, De Vita formed the group Icaro, which released one self-titled album in his homeland. Two years later, he released his first disc as a solo artist, simply titled Franco De Vita. The album spun off three Spanish-language hits: “Somos Tres,” “No Hay Cielo” and “Un Buen Perdedor.” His 1986 album Fantasía produced several more hits, including the title song and “Aquí Estás Otra Vez.” “Sólo Importas Tú,” taken from the album, was used as the theme song to the Spanish-language soap opera La Dama De Rosa. He appeared in the end credits of every episode, performing the song at the piano.

Did you have a good weekend?

last Friday I went with my family to a baptism of a cousin, on Saturday and on Sunday I stay in my house with my daughter resting.

The map of direction

Hello everybody ..!!I am going to show to my map and them to them dare some directions.

Where this police?
the police this in the corner of the Urdaneta avenue with Asia street. between the hospital and the park.
As I arrive when cyber from the park?
In order to arrive when cyber from the park you must walk a block rising by the avenue zuly. cyber this corner of the avenue zuly with America street.

What's the matter?

Introduction: In this unit I talk about the health problems...
Dra Navas: Hi Maria how do you feel?
Solaine: I feel sick.
Dra Navas: Why. What' s wrong?
Solaine: well, I have a terrible stomachace.
Dra Navas: Why do you have a stomachace?
Solaine: Because I drank an ate to much yesterday.
Dra Navas: Well, make an appoiment and see you tomorrow there.


Recepcionist: Hello. How can I help you?
Solaine: Good morning I have an appoiment to day with the Doctora Navas.
Recepcionist: Ok What's your name?
Solaine: My name is Solaine Villalobos.
Recepcionist: Let me check... That's right you have an appoiment at 3:00 pm, sit down a second please.
Recepcionist: ok you can come in now.
Solaine: Ok thank you
Dra Navas: Hi Maria how do you feel today?
Solaine: I still fell sick doctora. I'm still have a stomachache.
Dra Navas: Ok take these pills and call me tomorrow if you are still sick.
Solaine: Ok thank you very much

My Festivite Celebrations

The Christmas is my favorite fetividad because we meet all in family and it is the only day of the years that we pass it together and we share!!

My Talent

In this lesson we studied about talents.
love cooking desserts, my favorite dessert is "the quesillo" , in all the special occasions of my family and myfriends I prepare my delicious "quesillo" to share with them toprepare them my recipe is very easy.